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Ilia sonqo

    Quechua (Runa Simi) is the ancient language of the high Andes mountains of Peru. It is an energetic language which reflects the cultural view of the people who see themselves as inseparable from their environment. For them, life is a constant flow and interchange of energy, and shifting relationships.
Quite different than the western languages of fixed, separate things with sharp definitions.

    Illia, Illa:  light, but larger than that, it's the regenerative, creative principle, Yang energy. The moment Illia acquires flow, it becomes Kawsay (living energy) the substance that creates reality. It also refers to a Ray of Light and Lightening bolt; the 'Bolt from the Blue' which changes the world in an instant, or calls a shaman to his path. The spark of Awakening and enlightenment.

In Aymara (the language of the people of Titicaca) Illia refers to a Sacred stone carved and charged by a shaman, or found at a sacred site, and kept for Spiritual Blessing and protection.

    Sonqo:  Heart, both the physical and the Spiritual heart. Source, the Inner Sun. That which always is.

May these Images help you remember.

Illia Sonqo

Illuminating the Heart

This image was received during a group meditation of a
Sacred site on the shore of lake Titicaca, Peru.
It holds the emerging Heart (Yin, Feminine) energies of the Earth, and the Mental
(Yang, Masculine) together in harmony.
In its lines and  circles are represented  the 12  reflected aspects of The One,
 forming 144 interconnected points, and shows how their integration
 raises our consciousness .

The Shaman’s of the Andes know this is the time Pachakuti (turning over), where
dominant energies  of our experience shift from one way of being to  it’s opposite,
 as part of a natural cycle.
We are entering the Tarapay  Pacha, The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again,
and remembering who we are.

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Flower of Life

An ancient symbol which predates the pyramids, found in both Egypt and the Himalayas. It describes the nature and movement of consciousness.
Awareness becoming aware of its self.
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Fruit of Life ~~~ Metatron's Cube

A further evolution in the toroidal movement of creation, represented by the Flower of Life. Here it comes into fruition.
The blueprint of all forms in physical manifestation can be found within this matrix.
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Amaru Maru's Heart Meditation

Autumn Equinox at Lake Titicaca, 2008This image was created as a Focus for a group meditation, and shamanic journey to an energetic doorway on the shore of Lake Titicaca. Later I discovered that another group who were physically present in Peru at the same time, received the same vision.
This is also soon to be published as cover art.

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Shaman's Light Drum

Lake Titicaca vision
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Triple Eclipse

July through August 2006

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The Dreamtime



A pre-Inca symbol. It represents the Southern Cross and the interconnection of Earth and Sky.
It shows the four directions, the three worlds, and the Heart center where the great mystery lives within all things.

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